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Associate degree programs were first introduced by the University of Chicago in 1900. The main purpose of most of them is to lead to employment or advancement in a specific career.

Recent studies show the associate degree is the preferred credential to many of the fastest growing occupations and that associate degree graduates can earn twice the salary of high school graduates. Nationally, more than 400,000 students earn an associate degree each year.

An Associate Degree is generally a two-year degree, the completion of which prepares college students for bachelor's degree programs. Associate's degrees are offered at all community colleges.

The credits earned at a community college often may be transferred to a four-year school. Each school has different rules about what credits they will accept from other schools. If you know which school you are going to, check to see what courses they accept. The benefit of transferring credits is that students can use the credits they completed for an associate degree towards a bachelor's degree.

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